January 2019 – Middle Month Oracle Forecast

This year I’ve predicted that this month will be hallmarked by healing, and I definitely still stay true to that interpretation. In the first 2 weeks of January we witnessed the release of the Surviving R Kelly documentary series, and that Cynotia Brown was granted clemency and will be released August 2019. While these are great strides towards healing, I urge everyone to be patient (especially when it comes to the healing you’re going through in your own life). Healing is a journey, and often a long one filled with twists, turns, and obstacles. Receiving legal justice in the United States of America does not make. break, or define the healing process. The survivors of R Kelly are still carrying the scars Robert had inflicted on them, and while investigations are being done in Georgia and Chicago, he still walks. Cyntonia Brown may be able to begin her life in August, but that’s still 7 months away. She still has to recover from familial trauma, the trauma of sexual abuse and trafficking, the abuse by the legal system, the abuse of the prison system, and the stigma that comes with her identify.

I remain optimistic though, we can still heal. I know many of you are dealing with less than fortunate situations, I myself am still healing from my traumas (and still learning how they show up in my life). That is ok, healing is a journey.

What we are holding onto:  Ephemeral

The concept of survival alone doesn’t seem of much significance, but until you bring into context that we are survivors of circumstance, trauma, and adversity. We are more than mouth feeders just staying afloat, we are fighters dismantling invisible powers to be. The pain from our battle wounds are still healing, many of them are still open flesh wounds. What I am reading from this card is that many of us are holding onto false ideas of what healing should look like; a lot of blame and deflection is going around. We may have hopes of people changing, despite the realities that we are presently being faced with. Perhaps we feel as though we should instantly be ok now that we have exited toxic situations, ignoring the fact that we still don’t know all the places where we got hurt yet. Let go of the idea that healing is this small package that we can neatly wrap with a bow, healing is more like a forest fire that even after we put out we are still left with the burns. Being kind with yourself means being fair with yourself, don’t expect perfection from impatient people and situations.

What has a hold on us: Abundance 

The will the live has a hold of us y’all! I think overtime this card will come into context for us, if it hasn’t already. I do believe that energies around us will begin to bring blessings and gifts into our lives. May your health improve, let your friends love you, have your family of choice around you. I won’t pretend to know what factors surround you, but I do pray that the positive ones are taking your hand right now. Keep your eyes opened for that friend that stays by your side no matter what, appreciate them. You have a pet that always keeps your spirits high, buy them a treat and appreciate their presence in your life. If you can’t identify a positive factor in your life, identify that you are the positive factor in your life. Sometimes we can’t see the wealth that life has provided us, or we identify it too materially or externally. As where those types of wealth are nice, we are also blessed with gifts that can be found within us. Sing today, write today, run today, celebrate you today. What has a hold of us are the most beautiful things in life, let them embrace you.

What energy accompanies us: Build

Yup, you guessed it! Capricorn energy surrounds us, lets welcome it. Capricorns may get a bad rep for being such married-to-work loners, but at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of our collective healing, that energy may be exactly what we need. We need the ability to self-isolate if need be, to take space for ourselves! What I truly love about capricorns is that they are such advocates for themselves when they want to be, they ain’t letting you get in the way of their finances/deadlines/work/school/projects/goals. Identify what you need, develop a plan, identify obstacles, create a timeline, and execute. It’s important to recognize that even though things aren’t fair and healing isn’t complete, we must still celebrate how far we’ve come. R Kelly has investigations being conducted against him, we are having conversations about Black girls being hyper-sexualized and exploited. I am so proud of the team that worked on the Surviving R Kelly documentary, and the survivors that came out (y’all did that!). I am so happy that Cyntoia is receiving clemency, y’all were effortlessly fighting with this Woman. We are limitless, and we are powerful. Don’t you for a second forget how absolutely capable you are; now go achieve your goals.

Advice to combat challenges: Tribulation 

Please don’t be discouraged, when towers fall a lot of rubble follows. The world feels like a mess right now, and I get it, that’s a lot to digest. I am disgusted by the horror stories we are hearing about the world, but it’s scary to witness any tower that falls. We are breaking down a lot of toxic towers my loves, rape culture, racism, misogynoir. We would be fooling ourselves to not expect sights to be ugly before, during and even after we see the collapse. My advice for this middle month reading is to remember, as ugly as things look right now, we are getting closer to the healing we desire. There will be no healing without anger, there will be no healing without sadness. Let yourself feel all the emotions that come up for you, accept reality as you are seeing it so you can act appropriately. Develop a plan for yourself based off what’s happening around you, and I bet my last dollar that you’ll start seeing results later on in the year.

Monthly Forecast – January 2019

Disclaimer: Tarot is not an exact science. As where these readings may resonate with you, and can even be beneficial to your development, this should ultimately be viewed as a form of entertainment.

Happy New Year! Habari Gani? Imani! It’s Capricorn season! To usher in the new year, each month I will perform a 4 card spread to help you all align yourselves for the upcoming month. I hope that you find these readings to be helpful, and the insight provided in this post encourages you all the be the best versions of you that you need to be. Have a wonderful 2019, may you find the healing you are looking for.

What to Release – Protection:

New Year, New You! What will change though, what prompted this development in your identity. 2018 was filled with experiences, people, and things that were meant to break us. Toxic relationships, toxic living situations, toxic coping mechanisms. Along the way we’ve developed certain “ways” about us. Now don’t get me wrong, many of us we’re forced into survival mode, so I understand why we’ve developed maladaptive patterns. However, escaping from the job we hate by getting drunk/high every weekend is dangerous. Using sex as a hobby and dating to run from the lonely feeling won’t do anything but make us hate the person we can’t escape (ourselves). Sometimes we have no choice but to have unhealthy coping mechanisms, it’s possible that all throughout 2018 that’s all you were capable of. As you enter this new year though, you must understand that the energy is changing, therefore you must change along with it. Unhealthy coping mechanisms may have gotten you through 2018, but in 2019, a year defined by healing, old patterns won’t get you far.

What to Work On – Regenerate

When lizards are being attacked they can risk losing a limb so as to get away. It’s a loss but they are capable of regeneration, and metaphorically, so are you. Your unhealthy forms of coping and surviving are the limbs you need to let go of, they might of served you while you were being broken down, but they will not support you in your healing. I challenge you to redefine how you cope with your pain, in 2019 I ask that you radically care for yourselves. Coping only gets you but so far my loves, it’ll help you survive but it will be Self Care that resonates with Healing. Allow yourself to love yourself, the Universe gives your permission to do so. You can’t keep dragging the baggage with you, but I understand letting go is hard. Sometimes we become so interconnected with the people and things that have traumatized us, that we don’t know who we are without it. In 2019 you might feel a little naked without your limb(s), but you’ll feel so much lighter without the baggage. Through nudity we can reinvent ourselves, try on new closes, realize we need to leave the fedora with Alicia Keys circa 2000. I don’t know who you are becoming, but I do know it’s your birthright to become exactly who you want to be.

New Energies to Accompany You – Patience

Y’all, you did not become a “New You” at the start of the New Year. That’s not how it works, you are the person that 2018 (and years before) have made you. You do not have to be a different person right now, you don’t need to know exactly what you want to accomplish just yet. Give yourself time, it’s unfair to yourself to expect yourself to be anything more than the result of your past year. Be excited for the person to come, but take this month to appreciate the person you are RIGHT NOW. Take some time to reflect on your year. What happened to you this year? How did it make you feel? How did it impact you? Are these traits/behaviors that you should carry with you into 2019? If they aren’t, how can you let go of these traits and behaviors? Be realistic of the time it will take, any great project takes time to develop. Rome was built over time, with set backs and hiccups. Be open to the experience, be open to healing, practice self care, be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, be loving to yourself.

Challenges to be Aware of – Ritual

The biggest challenge facing you this month are your traditions. Some practices are positive, I am developing a tradition of seeing movies monthly with my friends because it helps me laugh and relax. But, the tradition of alcohol abuse to get through a toxic school environment is something I had to leave in 2017-2018. We all have our habits, we all have developed a specific way to get through life. If I haven’t said this enough, I’ll say it once more, 2019 IS ABOUT YOUR HEALING! This means that you really need to look at your coping mechanisms, you really need to analyze your behaviors, you need to be critical of what you associate yourself with. Toxic is not personality trait, it is a adjective to describe behaviors. It’s ok to look at yourself and identify the toxic behaviors that you exhibit, but what we ain’t about to bring into 2019 is the false belief that those behaviors are permanent parts of who we are. Codependent, Emotional Manipulative, and “Anger Issues” are all the result of experiences (sometimes chemical imbalances, in which case seek professional help) we’ve had. If you are codependent you may not feel as though you’re capable of being on your own, you must work through that to heal. If you are emotionally manipulative you may feel like you don’t have any control over situations/people/things, it isn’t healthy to control other people, you must move past that. If you are angry, I’ve learned that anger is an “empowering” way to feel hurt. Let yourself be hurt, find healthy ways to express and work through hurt, we are leaving toxic behaviors behind us.

Imani means Faith, every year, the principle of Kwanzaa is Faith for the 1st of every January. My loves, I believe in you. I believe you are so capable, I believe you are so worthy. Go forth and take the year you’re entitled to.