Weekly Sex”O”scopes – March 31st to April 6th

We are all still recovering from the Mercury retrograde that just ended, and are still feeling its effects because its shadow period combined with it being conjunct with Neptune in Pisces. Be kind to yourselves and allow for further reflection about actions you wish to take and situations you may want to change. Everything will be fine in time, have patience. For these horoscopes you’ll want to find your natal birth chart (I recommend http://www.astro.com), and look at the signs your Mars, 5th, 8th, and 12th house fall into.

Y’all are hawt, and you might notice people noticing you. It seems like you’ll get your satisfaction. As you‘re feeling yourself a new opportunity is coming in. I sense possible resistance tho? Y’all wanna do your own things? If not, you HAVE to learn to work with others.

This past retrograde has made you aware that you can’t just jump into things, especially because things/people aren’t always who they seem. Focus on being ready, you’re more than capable. Let that person go if they aren’t serving you, focus on supportive relationships.

Y’all are trying to develop loving with yourselves &/or your boo(s). You have your guards up, & maybe that’s why some of y’all have had mixed feelings with arousal. In time they could earn your trust, until then be free in how you feel. In time you’ll communicate more.

Y’all are working so hard, you have been, and you’re so emotionally/mentally/physically exhausted. Take some time for self care, seeking guidance/help won’t hurt either. Y’all can bring forth what you want, and I think it’ll pay off in time. Be kind to yourself.

Pray to the moon, if no one else will listen, she will. I don’t know why you’re keeping your feelings to yourself, maybe you’re even pretending it’s all ok (despite needing support). I think you’re only hurting yourself tho, we aren’t in the world all by ourselves.

Y’all have been making great strides, & you really have been working to make improvements for yourself/others. I don’t entirely think you’re being real/honest with yourself right now, & you might have what feels like a “set back” because of it. Blessing in disguise?

Y’all are working on the love in your life, may it be with yourselves or a boo. You want to expand that, to grow that. Maybe unconsciously you’re not exploring your own issues with letting your walls down. Don’t block the positive change and transformation you desire.

Y’all are going through changes, even if they haven’t kicked in yet, trust me they are coming. Which might feel uncomfortable to y’all, but talk through them, don’t fight. I think things look so optimistic for you despite them being uncomfortable. Good new is coming.

Y’all must get past your own situations before you can entertain sex and/or love. Are you in a toxic relationship? Be real with yourself. Cut through your mixed feelings if you have them, or your desire to look past what’s in front of you. You can start anew, so do it.

Right now it seems like you’re working to hold it together, which means you might not be the most vulnerable. Building up walls to protect yourself, that’s fine, you’re working to be stable again. You’ll have the freedom to just be soon, give it time my sweet beans.

Y’all are capable of having the love and sex that you desire, I even sense that you’ll really be making great don’t strifes soon. I think you have some choices to make soon, to which I advise you not to get in your own way. You’ve been working hard, dreams do come true

I think y’all are growing out of and freeing yourself out of situations that you see no longer serve you. There’s new and amazing experiences coming towards you, so let what you’re in fall. It is not failure, it is the universe letting you move forward. Go forth boo!

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