Weekly Sex”O”scopes – March 31st to April 6th

We are all still recovering from the Mercury retrograde that just ended, and are still feeling its effects because its shadow period combined with it being conjunct with Neptune in Pisces. Be kind to yourselves and allow for further reflection about actions you wish to take and situations you may want to change. Everything will be fine in time, have patience. For these horoscopes you’ll want to find your natal birth chart (I recommend http://www.astro.com), and look at the signs your Mars, 5th, 8th, and 12th house fall into.

Y’all are hawt, and you might notice people noticing you. It seems like you’ll get your satisfaction. As you‘re feeling yourself a new opportunity is coming in. I sense possible resistance tho? Y’all wanna do your own things? If not, you HAVE to learn to work with others.

This past retrograde has made you aware that you can’t just jump into things, especially because things/people aren’t always who they seem. Focus on being ready, you’re more than capable. Let that person go if they aren’t serving you, focus on supportive relationships.

Y’all are trying to develop loving with yourselves &/or your boo(s). You have your guards up, & maybe that’s why some of y’all have had mixed feelings with arousal. In time they could earn your trust, until then be free in how you feel. In time you’ll communicate more.

Y’all are working so hard, you have been, and you’re so emotionally/mentally/physically exhausted. Take some time for self care, seeking guidance/help won’t hurt either. Y’all can bring forth what you want, and I think it’ll pay off in time. Be kind to yourself.

Pray to the moon, if no one else will listen, she will. I don’t know why you’re keeping your feelings to yourself, maybe you’re even pretending it’s all ok (despite needing support). I think you’re only hurting yourself tho, we aren’t in the world all by ourselves.

Y’all have been making great strides, & you really have been working to make improvements for yourself/others. I don’t entirely think you’re being real/honest with yourself right now, & you might have what feels like a “set back” because of it. Blessing in disguise?

Y’all are working on the love in your life, may it be with yourselves or a boo. You want to expand that, to grow that. Maybe unconsciously you’re not exploring your own issues with letting your walls down. Don’t block the positive change and transformation you desire.

Y’all are going through changes, even if they haven’t kicked in yet, trust me they are coming. Which might feel uncomfortable to y’all, but talk through them, don’t fight. I think things look so optimistic for you despite them being uncomfortable. Good new is coming.

Y’all must get past your own situations before you can entertain sex and/or love. Are you in a toxic relationship? Be real with yourself. Cut through your mixed feelings if you have them, or your desire to look past what’s in front of you. You can start anew, so do it.

Right now it seems like you’re working to hold it together, which means you might not be the most vulnerable. Building up walls to protect yourself, that’s fine, you’re working to be stable again. You’ll have the freedom to just be soon, give it time my sweet beans.

Y’all are capable of having the love and sex that you desire, I even sense that you’ll really be making great don’t strifes soon. I think you have some choices to make soon, to which I advise you not to get in your own way. You’ve been working hard, dreams do come true

I think y’all are growing out of and freeing yourself out of situations that you see no longer serve you. There’s new and amazing experiences coming towards you, so let what you’re in fall. It is not failure, it is the universe letting you move forward. Go forth boo!

Catcalling is Anti-Black

A reach? Lets Debate. Catcalling is something I only thought happened in episodes of “What Would You Do?“, and Queen Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y music video. That was until I actually moved to New York, and I was subjected to it every time I’d leave the house. For those that aren’t familiar with this practice, catcalling is defined as:

” a loud, sexually suggestive call or comment directed at someone publicly (as on the street)”

Merriam Webster

The execution of this looks like a woman walking down the streets of Midtown Manhattan by herself, armed with her purse, some earpods (airpods if you extra bougie), and a cell phone. She’s wearing an all-white sundress that enhances her curves, her coconut oil infused afro is shining in the summer sun, and her dark brown skin is glistening and smelling of cocoa butter lotion (sis is feeling GOOD). Cue man wearing sneakers, a jersey shirt, and a fitted baseball hat:

Man: A-O Ma!
Woman: *increase the volume of her Solange playlist*
Woman: *starts walking faster, lowers head, and stares into phone*
Man: OH!? FOR REAL?! F*** YOU THEN! B****

I understand that there are people who’ve grown up in communities where this is normalized, and I welcome the Black Women and LGBTQ folks of those communities to comment their thoughts on my think piece (I’ve heard that depending on your background less vulgar catcalling may be considered acceptable courting, and I don’t want to dismiss that if it exists). With that being said, while this may be common behavior in highly populated cities, Catcalling is often just normalized harassment. Sometimes these interactions aren’t only a few sentences in the middle of board daylight, sometimes they aren’t just between two people. Personally, I’ve been stalked by groups of men, grabbed countless times, and harassed by multiple men at one time. It’s humiliating, and it feels like a group bonding experience for men at the expense of my safety.

The issue of catcalling is beyond just my experience, from conversations with other Black women I’ve gained awareness that for many of us these acts inspire terror/paranoia. Some of us recently survived rape/sexual assault and having random men on the street using our bodies as vessels to validate their masculinity/ego only perpetuates the symptoms of PTSD. Many of us live with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, and the act of men disregarding our feelings can be really damaging. According to the article “African American Women’s Beliefs About Mental Illness, Stigma, and Preferred Coping Behaviors”:

“Approximately 7.5 million African Americans have a diagnosed mental illness (31.9% of Black Women), and up to 7.5 million more may be affected but are undiagnosed (63.8% of Black Women in total) (Davis, 2005). Women may be over-represented in these populations given the reported 2:1 gender ratio of depression (Immerman & Mackey, 2003). Additionally, negative sociopolitical experiences including racism, discrimination, and sexism put African American women at risk for low-income jobs, multiple role strain, and health problems, all of which are associated with the onset of mental illness (Schneider, Hitlan, & Radhakrishnan, 2000). 

Earlise C. Ward and Susan M. Heidrich

In addition to mental health considerations, there’s an undiscussed element of Power & Privilege Cis Men hold over Women when they Catcall. As a gender-fluid person, I’m no stranger to people being confused by my gender identity. This manifests itself in questions about my sex/gender when I’m walking down the street, and homophobic/transphobic comments being made against me and the LGBTQ community. It’s in these situations that fear becomes enhanced; I don’t enjoy feeling pressured to answer questions about my gender/sex on the street. For one, it’s none of anyone’s business, and two, being publicly outed can jeopardize my (or any LGBTQ’s person’s) safety. The rates of murder against specifically Trans and Non-Gender-Conforming (NGC) folks are increasingly growing, and over the past 5 years 102 (and counting) Trans folks were the victim of a fatal crime (at least 88 of these individuals were women, and at least 87 of these individuals were people of color). When you’re Black, when you’re a woman, and when you’re LGBTQ, catcalling is more than just “being bothered.” Catcalling is an act of harassment that you can only pray doesn’t result in fatal death, just because you threatened somebody’s fragile male ego.

Originally, I was going to share the reasons behind men catcall (based on conversations I’ve had with men and research). But at this point, I don’t think it’s relevant. I do not care that it’s cultural. I do not care about a man’s self-esteem needing a lift, especially if it means stepping on the esteem of others. I do not buy the excuse that this is a “coming of age” activity, and “boys will be boys.” Men suffering from mental health issues, poverty, and other adversities does not justify them using the bodies of women to perpetuate oppression. Women, Black women, Black Trans Women, do not exist as objects to use and abuse. To my original point, Catcalling is Anti-Black because anything that encourages, enables, and perpetuates the harassment and degradation of Black Women/LGBTQ folks is Anti Black.

I have seen a number of thought pieces, videos, and protests that acknowledge catcalling as an issue. But often times I feel as though Black Women and LGBTQ folks are left out of the conversation. I do understand that this issue impacts a wide array of women, however when you add in the intersections of sex/gender, race, and orientation you find that your experience with Catcalling can be worse. Therefore I specifically call on more Cis Black Men and Cis White Women to speak on this issue and stand up for Black Women/LGBTQ folks. When we are left out of these conversations when folks within our own community ignore and perpetuate street harassment, it looks a like like y’all want privilege and not equality.

January 2019 – Middle Month Oracle Forecast

This year I’ve predicted that this month will be hallmarked by healing, and I definitely still stay true to that interpretation. In the first 2 weeks of January we witnessed the release of the Surviving R Kelly documentary series, and that Cynotia Brown was granted clemency and will be released August 2019. While these are great strides towards healing, I urge everyone to be patient (especially when it comes to the healing you’re going through in your own life). Healing is a journey, and often a long one filled with twists, turns, and obstacles. Receiving legal justice in the United States of America does not make. break, or define the healing process. The survivors of R Kelly are still carrying the scars Robert had inflicted on them, and while investigations are being done in Georgia and Chicago, he still walks. Cyntonia Brown may be able to begin her life in August, but that’s still 7 months away. She still has to recover from familial trauma, the trauma of sexual abuse and trafficking, the abuse by the legal system, the abuse of the prison system, and the stigma that comes with her identify.

I remain optimistic though, we can still heal. I know many of you are dealing with less than fortunate situations, I myself am still healing from my traumas (and still learning how they show up in my life). That is ok, healing is a journey.

What we are holding onto:  Ephemeral

The concept of survival alone doesn’t seem of much significance, but until you bring into context that we are survivors of circumstance, trauma, and adversity. We are more than mouth feeders just staying afloat, we are fighters dismantling invisible powers to be. The pain from our battle wounds are still healing, many of them are still open flesh wounds. What I am reading from this card is that many of us are holding onto false ideas of what healing should look like; a lot of blame and deflection is going around. We may have hopes of people changing, despite the realities that we are presently being faced with. Perhaps we feel as though we should instantly be ok now that we have exited toxic situations, ignoring the fact that we still don’t know all the places where we got hurt yet. Let go of the idea that healing is this small package that we can neatly wrap with a bow, healing is more like a forest fire that even after we put out we are still left with the burns. Being kind with yourself means being fair with yourself, don’t expect perfection from impatient people and situations.

What has a hold on us: Abundance 

The will the live has a hold of us y’all! I think overtime this card will come into context for us, if it hasn’t already. I do believe that energies around us will begin to bring blessings and gifts into our lives. May your health improve, let your friends love you, have your family of choice around you. I won’t pretend to know what factors surround you, but I do pray that the positive ones are taking your hand right now. Keep your eyes opened for that friend that stays by your side no matter what, appreciate them. You have a pet that always keeps your spirits high, buy them a treat and appreciate their presence in your life. If you can’t identify a positive factor in your life, identify that you are the positive factor in your life. Sometimes we can’t see the wealth that life has provided us, or we identify it too materially or externally. As where those types of wealth are nice, we are also blessed with gifts that can be found within us. Sing today, write today, run today, celebrate you today. What has a hold of us are the most beautiful things in life, let them embrace you.

What energy accompanies us: Build

Yup, you guessed it! Capricorn energy surrounds us, lets welcome it. Capricorns may get a bad rep for being such married-to-work loners, but at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of our collective healing, that energy may be exactly what we need. We need the ability to self-isolate if need be, to take space for ourselves! What I truly love about capricorns is that they are such advocates for themselves when they want to be, they ain’t letting you get in the way of their finances/deadlines/work/school/projects/goals. Identify what you need, develop a plan, identify obstacles, create a timeline, and execute. It’s important to recognize that even though things aren’t fair and healing isn’t complete, we must still celebrate how far we’ve come. R Kelly has investigations being conducted against him, we are having conversations about Black girls being hyper-sexualized and exploited. I am so proud of the team that worked on the Surviving R Kelly documentary, and the survivors that came out (y’all did that!). I am so happy that Cyntoia is receiving clemency, y’all were effortlessly fighting with this Woman. We are limitless, and we are powerful. Don’t you for a second forget how absolutely capable you are; now go achieve your goals.

Advice to combat challenges: Tribulation 

Please don’t be discouraged, when towers fall a lot of rubble follows. The world feels like a mess right now, and I get it, that’s a lot to digest. I am disgusted by the horror stories we are hearing about the world, but it’s scary to witness any tower that falls. We are breaking down a lot of toxic towers my loves, rape culture, racism, misogynoir. We would be fooling ourselves to not expect sights to be ugly before, during and even after we see the collapse. My advice for this middle month reading is to remember, as ugly as things look right now, we are getting closer to the healing we desire. There will be no healing without anger, there will be no healing without sadness. Let yourself feel all the emotions that come up for you, accept reality as you are seeing it so you can act appropriately. Develop a plan for yourself based off what’s happening around you, and I bet my last dollar that you’ll start seeing results later on in the year.

Monthly Forecast – January 2019

Disclaimer: Tarot is not an exact science. As where these readings may resonate with you, and can even be beneficial to your development, this should ultimately be viewed as a form of entertainment.

Happy New Year! Habari Gani? Imani! It’s Capricorn season! To usher in the new year, each month I will perform a 4 card spread to help you all align yourselves for the upcoming month. I hope that you find these readings to be helpful, and the insight provided in this post encourages you all the be the best versions of you that you need to be. Have a wonderful 2019, may you find the healing you are looking for.

What to Release – Protection:

New Year, New You! What will change though, what prompted this development in your identity. 2018 was filled with experiences, people, and things that were meant to break us. Toxic relationships, toxic living situations, toxic coping mechanisms. Along the way we’ve developed certain “ways” about us. Now don’t get me wrong, many of us we’re forced into survival mode, so I understand why we’ve developed maladaptive patterns. However, escaping from the job we hate by getting drunk/high every weekend is dangerous. Using sex as a hobby and dating to run from the lonely feeling won’t do anything but make us hate the person we can’t escape (ourselves). Sometimes we have no choice but to have unhealthy coping mechanisms, it’s possible that all throughout 2018 that’s all you were capable of. As you enter this new year though, you must understand that the energy is changing, therefore you must change along with it. Unhealthy coping mechanisms may have gotten you through 2018, but in 2019, a year defined by healing, old patterns won’t get you far.

What to Work On – Regenerate

When lizards are being attacked they can risk losing a limb so as to get away. It’s a loss but they are capable of regeneration, and metaphorically, so are you. Your unhealthy forms of coping and surviving are the limbs you need to let go of, they might of served you while you were being broken down, but they will not support you in your healing. I challenge you to redefine how you cope with your pain, in 2019 I ask that you radically care for yourselves. Coping only gets you but so far my loves, it’ll help you survive but it will be Self Care that resonates with Healing. Allow yourself to love yourself, the Universe gives your permission to do so. You can’t keep dragging the baggage with you, but I understand letting go is hard. Sometimes we become so interconnected with the people and things that have traumatized us, that we don’t know who we are without it. In 2019 you might feel a little naked without your limb(s), but you’ll feel so much lighter without the baggage. Through nudity we can reinvent ourselves, try on new closes, realize we need to leave the fedora with Alicia Keys circa 2000. I don’t know who you are becoming, but I do know it’s your birthright to become exactly who you want to be.

New Energies to Accompany You – Patience

Y’all, you did not become a “New You” at the start of the New Year. That’s not how it works, you are the person that 2018 (and years before) have made you. You do not have to be a different person right now, you don’t need to know exactly what you want to accomplish just yet. Give yourself time, it’s unfair to yourself to expect yourself to be anything more than the result of your past year. Be excited for the person to come, but take this month to appreciate the person you are RIGHT NOW. Take some time to reflect on your year. What happened to you this year? How did it make you feel? How did it impact you? Are these traits/behaviors that you should carry with you into 2019? If they aren’t, how can you let go of these traits and behaviors? Be realistic of the time it will take, any great project takes time to develop. Rome was built over time, with set backs and hiccups. Be open to the experience, be open to healing, practice self care, be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, be loving to yourself.

Challenges to be Aware of – Ritual

The biggest challenge facing you this month are your traditions. Some practices are positive, I am developing a tradition of seeing movies monthly with my friends because it helps me laugh and relax. But, the tradition of alcohol abuse to get through a toxic school environment is something I had to leave in 2017-2018. We all have our habits, we all have developed a specific way to get through life. If I haven’t said this enough, I’ll say it once more, 2019 IS ABOUT YOUR HEALING! This means that you really need to look at your coping mechanisms, you really need to analyze your behaviors, you need to be critical of what you associate yourself with. Toxic is not personality trait, it is a adjective to describe behaviors. It’s ok to look at yourself and identify the toxic behaviors that you exhibit, but what we ain’t about to bring into 2019 is the false belief that those behaviors are permanent parts of who we are. Codependent, Emotional Manipulative, and “Anger Issues” are all the result of experiences (sometimes chemical imbalances, in which case seek professional help) we’ve had. If you are codependent you may not feel as though you’re capable of being on your own, you must work through that to heal. If you are emotionally manipulative you may feel like you don’t have any control over situations/people/things, it isn’t healthy to control other people, you must move past that. If you are angry, I’ve learned that anger is an “empowering” way to feel hurt. Let yourself be hurt, find healthy ways to express and work through hurt, we are leaving toxic behaviors behind us.

Imani means Faith, every year, the principle of Kwanzaa is Faith for the 1st of every January. My loves, I believe in you. I believe you are so capable, I believe you are so worthy. Go forth and take the year you’re entitled to.

Bandersnatch, What’s Free Will when you’re Mentally Ill

Spoilers ahead, please watch the movie first.

Black Mirror is one of my favorite television shows, once you get past the episode where that guy had to do that thing with the pig. After that, you really learn to appreciate the show. This British drama lays the best and worst of humankind, forcing us to reevaluate what we as a species actually appreciate (I hope it’s not pigs, at least not in that kinda way). The latest and long-awaited release of Bandersnatch did not disappoint. Like many British shows, I felt as though it had a slow and mildly confusing start. I tried to watch this movie when I was about to sleep, but the interactive aspect was a bit lost on me. Once I did actually have the energy to brave this movie I ended up getting absolutely wrapped up in the characters life, so much so that I got lost in my own anxieties.

Bandersnatch follows the life of Stefan, a 19-year-old aspiring video game designer, who is living during the year 1984. Stefan lives in an ordinary town in England with his father, and frequently sees a therapist for what I assume is anxiety and/or depression (possibly a long-term adjustment disorder). In the film, Stefan is given the opportunity to bring to life his video game Bandersnatch, based on the novel by fictional author Jerome F. Davies (the genius who cut off his wife’s head). This Netflix movie mimics the storyline of the novel, and game(s) Bandersnatch creating this meta-analysis of free-will. As we progress in the film, we watch the decline of Stefan’s perceived (and actual) freedom. He becomes a victim of his impulses, a victim of our decision. We watch him lose control of his ability to choose, fighting inexplainable drives, and spiral into a pool of is own mind. He begins to question if anything is real anymore if we are all just P.A.C. (Program and Control) Men trapped in an inescapable maze.

I won’t act like I have the best explanation for this movie, but I do want to throw my hat into the ring. Bandersnatch, in my opinion, is a metaphor for Mental Illness. The protagonist of the film is living with it, and it’s not lost on me how Colin (Stefan’s idol/guide/mentor) also seems to be impacted by it (educated guess). When watching the film, some might assume that Stefan is suffering from Schizophrenia. As where I can understand why that is a conclusion some would come to, I’d like to point out that the DSM 5 outlines the below criteria must be met to make that diagnosis:

Two or more of the following for at least a one-month (or longer) period of time, and at least one of them must be 1, 2, or 3:

  1. Delusions
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Disorganized speech
  4. Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
  5. Negative symptoms, such as diminished emotional expression

There’s a bit more that goes into a diagnosis for Schizophrenia, but I’d like to point out that the only symptom of the 5 that I think it’s fair to say Stefan exhibits is hallucinations. I’d argue that he can’t possibly be suffering from delusions because there’s nothing false about his beliefs, and it may be ‘crazy’ from the outside looking in, but given context, we see there’s truth to his beliefs. It’s arguable that he does suffer from hallucinations because there are two separate times (that I’ve seen) that he comes across the lion in Bandersnatch, however, it’s worth noting that one of those times he’s under the influence of acid/LSD. I don’t think he has a disorganized speech at all, nor does he exhibit grossly disordered or catatonic behavior (when put into the context of his unseen reality). I think it’s debatable to say he showcases signs of negative symptoms of Schizophonia, but it’s extremely important to take into consideration that he was under extreme pressure and wasn’t eating/sleeping to meet a deadline (could also explain his hallucinations). Never the less, his therapist doesn’t diagnosis him as having Schizophrenia (or so we know), and that’s what’s most important to me.

Regardless of if Stefan suffers from Schizophrenia or not, the reference to the matrix and free-will wasn’t lost on me. We as humans need to believe in free-will, even if it is just a myth. Without it, we lose hope. I also couldn’t help but appreciate how Stefan’s impulses, his reality, and his experience was discounted because of others we unable to see it. As a Black woman, I could relate to him. My experience with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc is constantly dismissed and gas-lit in this society and my cries for help and understanding are also taken out of context. Medication is given to people like me, because either my reality is dismissed, or all I can do is try to cope with it.

My interpretation of the film is that the Audience/Netflix is a metaphor for Mental Illness, and Stefan is us. When you suffer from any mental illness, often time you feel trapped in a maze that you’re incapable of escaping. You are a P.A.C. man, trapped in this game we call life, forced to consume the bullshit that comes with it. Grasping for cherries for short-term highs as attempts to cope/escape from the demons that are chasing you. No one else but you and other mentally ill people understands and validate your reality. You’re passed off as crazy, and the only people who have an idea of how crazy you are, are passed off as crazy too or eccentric as well (see Colin).

This piece has no fair ending, much like how Bandersnatch has no fair ending. There’s no escaping Mental illness, you can only learn to cope with it. This film forces us to consider if the sense of control and security we have over our lives is false. It challenges us to reconsider if free will is actually real. Most importantly, it makes us ask the question: Who or What is controlling us?

Increasing Emotional Intelligence by Giving “Full Consideration”

Emotional intelligence, something young girls are conditioned to have, and boys are conditioned to lack. I find that when I interact with most men I often have to teach them how to be sensitive in general, as well as sensitive to me.  It’s not my duty to teach my partners how to have a healthy baseline of emotional intelligence; it can be exhausting.

 To me, it is not fair to have to over-think in order to translate how to have basic relationship skills to my partner. When I think of a partner, I think of someone who’s evenly yolked in multiple different areas (spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual, and practical). This is so in a relationship we can focus on bettering each other from a shared baseline.

What happens if you’re not evenly yolked with someone, and you have mix-matched baselines?

The way I see it, a relationship is the meshing of two people to create a partnership (one unit). Follow my metaphor:

  • Relationship = Hybrid plant
  • Partner 1 = Mango plant
  • Plant 2 = Lemon plant.

For these two individual plants to become a hybrid, each must coexist with full consideration of what each plant requires.

Well, what does “full” consideration look like?

Fair question don’t you think? I’m going to start with what full consideration isn’t. Full consideration is not selfish, nor is it self serving. Full consideration is the act of taking yourself out of your own body (metaphorically speaking), and into the perspective of an imaginary third party to then decide what is the best decision for all parties involved.  Women in my experience are taught this level of consideration from an early age. These teachings can range from reasonable considerations or to unfair considerations. See an example of both:

“I’m really stressed out, and having a drink is what I’m used to doing to feel better. But now I’m pregnant, so I have to find a new coping mechanism.”

“Damn, I really feel confident in this dress. But it’s a bit short, and I don’t want guys to think they can grope me because I’m wearing it.”

As where the latter consideration may be accurate, it is unfair to expect women to give an unfair level of consideration to others.  If men were condition to have high levels of emotional intelligence, women may not consider their safety and survival when choosing to do ever day activities. Studies show that once girls begin puberty (sexual development), they are twice as likely have an anxiety disorder than men are. A clear correlation can’t be made without further research, but I do think that it’s a study worth conducting.

Should women stop being so considerate? No, that’s not what I’m arguing. I think that our society does not raise men and women to be evenly yolked emotionally, so in return you see women having to be hyper-sensitive to the needs of others and men lacking in that area of emotional intelligence.

So what can be done to even the playing field?

In order for men and women to be evenly yolked, a desire to increase their emotional intelligence and unlearn unhealthy habits is needed. This desire should not be motivated by a girl they are attracted to, because women do not exist to be rewards for men who learn basic decency. The desire should not be motivated by the desire to have sex, because if you’re only a feminist to get laid then you haven’t truly increased your emotional intelligence (i’mma challenge y’all to think about why that is). The desire must be driven by the want to improve as a person, and to the best version of who you can be as a human being. This in turn will breed more emotionally intelligent people who are taking balanced consideration into each other’s needs, which makes it so one person does not have to be hyper-sensitive and over-extend themselves because of the other person.

So back to our plant example:

  • Semi-Consideration: Only looks at the type of environment that the mango tree is comfortable in, and developing an environment that’s best the mango plant, thus leaving the lemon plant as an afterthought.
  • Full Consideration: Takes into account what both plants need to survive on their own, and find a way to create a compromise for those plants so they can have an environment conducive to mutual growth. Only when both plants have a fair amount of their needs met can they become a hybrid plant and have a healthy relationship.

I would argue that if someone isn’t able to/doesn’t desire to give full consideration in their relationship, I do not think that they are ready to be in a healthy relationship. I also think that there are situations where no matter how much consideration is given, two people are not able to meet their own separate needs together (these people are incompatible). It does hurt if people aren’t ready to be in a healthy relationship, or when they aren’t compatible with you. But, it’s better to know that then to over-extend yourself, and eventually find yourself in a toxic or abusive relationship. I think that when we respect people, we treat them with consideration because they matter. I hope you noticed that this post was cis-normative, because now the next step of consideration for men and women is to consider the feelings and needs of people who don’t fit in the gender binary.

Consideration isn’t selfish, nor is it self serving. Consideration is going beyond yourself. I challenge you all to increase your emotional intelligence, the world will be a better place when we treat each other a little better.


“This brother here, myself and all of us were born with our hair like this, and we just wear it like this because it’s natural. The reason for it, you might say, is like a new awareness among Black people that their own natural physical appearance is beautiful and is pleasing to them. For so many years, we were told that only white people were beautiful–that only straight hair, light eyes, light skin was beautiful so Black women would try everything they could — straighten their hair, lighten their skin— to look as much like white women. This has changed because black people are aware. White people are aware of it too because white people now want natural wigs like this. Dig it. Isn’t it beautiful? Alright.”

Kathleen Cleaver, 1968

When you’re a Black Woman, you never truly feel like your body is yours. Your skin becomes the light of a riot, your body the playing field for political wars. Your ass is sexualized for White bodies, and your identity is a scapegoat for Black men. When you’re a Black woman your body is a secret for uncles to stare at, and aunties to demonize. When your a Black woman your features are for White Women to appropriate, and for society to make a mockery of. When you’re a Black woman, you become a very special type of tired. Your body becomes a temple for any colonizer to invade, so you teach yourself to hide your spirit where the sage flies high. When you’re a Black woman, the only safe place exists with our ancestors and the Orishas on a plane we still have yet to define. When you’re a Black woman, you learn an attitude. You learn a bitch face, a look of dissatisfaction, a mean mug, an aura of aggression. 

“Of course I’m mad, I’m as mad as I am Black. I’m as mad as I am Woman.” 

Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman, died December 29th, 1815, her stuffed body wasn’t buried until August 9th, 2002. Lucy, Anarcha, and Betsey, while alive the world was told that ‘Black women don’t feel pain.’ Their bodies were used without consent, without anesthesia, to birth the “Father of Modern Gynecology.” Serena Williams, unarguably one of the most iconic athletics of our time, and frequently compared to a man or a monkey. Tell me how I’m supposed to love me when everything about me is under continuous critique. How am I not tempted to bleach my skin, and install a weave when nothing about this world is conducive to my external existence? Self-love is something that is difficult for anyone to possess. But ain’t it incompassionate to tell Black women to love ourselves, when since we touched foot on America our bodies became objects of labor, objectification, (sexual) abuse, and exploitation? How am I supposed to love me when it is because of my identity that society seems to hate me?

Regennia Johnson,December 7, 2016

“Her name is Tiarah Poyau. On Tuesday, September 6th, I found out a young Black woman who was my same age was fatally shot in the face for doing what I had just done the night before in Madrid, Spain. I was reminded what it meant to not only be a woman, but to be a woman of color, to be a Black woman who commands ownership of her body. To be vocal, resilient, and push back towards the objectification and entitlement over our bodies. I fought with the reality that as much as I want to go off on men who don’t understand NO or “I’m not interested”, by doing so, whether politely or not, I could be next on the list of women who died due to fragile masculinity. Rape culture, misogyny, racism, respectability politics, and extremely fragile masculinity are issues Black women experience differently than women of other races.”

Regennia Johnson, December 7, 2016

To be Black Woman is to be a constant fighter and advocate of your own humanity. To think for yourself, to transcend toxic tribal mentality. To be a Black Woman is to shatter expectations, and not concern yourself with stereotypes. To be a Black woman is to wear your hair blonde and nappy, or straight and colored like cotton-candy. To be a Black woman is to be your own freedom, your own serenity, your own divine being. To be a Black woman is to define your own strength, through sensitivity, through spirituality, through tears, through throwing heels, and clapping hands between your words. To be a Black woman is to be a multidimensional individual. To be a Black woman means being your own momma sometimes, it means finding that little Black girl inside of you and protecting her.

To me, to be a Black Woman, you must learn to be carefree.  Thank you for being, because of Y’all I am. 

Y’all hate Tiffany Haddish but Love Cardi because society wants Memes, not Black Lives

With the popularization of Black culture(s) and the increase of allies, I couldn’t help but notice (especially living in the Liberal bubble that is New York City), Y’all don’t really know about Black Culture(s). For many people, I think the lens they understand “Black culture” from is through the narratives of popular culture (via social media), and maybe an African American studies class they took once in college (bonus points if you minored in it). But when it actually comes to understanding Black culture(s), I still notice that most people fall short. The recent arrest of Arthur Posey, who is facing 2 charges of claiming false information of planned arson, because he expressed that he intends on “Blow the bathroom up,” goes to show that there’s a HUGE disconnect of cultural competency for Black people and our culture. Black women feel this frustration, because our bodies as where we have ideal physical features (large asses, thick lips, etc), we are literally reduced to those features.. That being said, our features are often looked down on, until White Women possess/appropriate those features.

From my perspective, this really speaks to society’s desire to capitalize on Blackness without taking the time (or interest) to really understand or appreciate it. I think this phenomenon explains why Cardi B is more accepted by society as opposed to Tiffany Haddish (obviously Colorism plays a role). Cardi B has gained her popularity in part because of talent, he ability to be relatable, and because she capitalized on being viral due to memes. Yes fam, before Cardi B was a famous rapper, she was on Love and Hip Hop and definitely gained more mainstream notability than her co-stars for her usage of facial expressions, relatable comedy, and catchphrases. Cardi B has been able to take an identity that people typically look down on, and inspire people who’ve never stepped foot in the Bronx to wish that’s where they hailed from (sorta). This being said, I highly doubt most of the suburb teens singing along to “Bodak Yellow” aspire to actually step foot in the Bronx to actually learn about Cardi’s upbringing. Cardi is only one example, however, of how non-Black people enjoy the commercialization of Black folks but don’t actually hold any interest in learning about Black people. Cause bet, If Tiffany Haddish rebranded herself to be more “meme’able,” you’d likely see a spike in her popularity and to some extent “worth” in society. 

This is not to say Tiffany Haddish isn’t worthy, she absolutely is! But when I say “worth,” I mean her value in the eyes of a society that cares more for memes/pop-culture and not Black lives. In a lot of ways, Cardi B fits exactly who people expect a Black/Latina girl from the Bronx to be like. Tiffany Haddish however, doesn’t really fit any stereotypes that non-White folks can relate to. They don’t understand her humor, nor do they aspire to. Understanding Tiffany Haddish’s comedy (or the comedy of many other Black people) involves actually knowing Black people (you must have more than one Black friend to relate) and understanding the pressures society puts on us. Racism (and I’d argue colorism) comes into play when you realize that White people (and probably many non-Black people of color) have a harder time feeling empathy for Black people than they do their own race. Cardi B may not be a White woman, but she is biracial/light skin and we see that Lighter Black woman are treated and regarded better than darker Black women. Considering the Black women that people idolize, may it be Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, or Cardi B, you’ll find that the common denominator is Light skin. 

When Black women are able to break into mainstream culture it’s typically because of their ability to fit into a very stereotypical idea of what it means to be a Black woman (slave roles, baby momma roles, angry Black women roles, etc). Examples of that are Tiffany Pollard and GloZell Green, who’ve both had their 5-seconds of meme-worthy fame. Noted by the blog What Whites Will Never Know:

They (GloZell Green) reinforced negative stereotypes and reinforcing what the media taught the mainstream about Black people.” 

I do acknowledge that this post is entirely based on my opinion, perhaps I am being too “sensitive” about the topic. However, my experiences as a Black woman have to lead me to this conclusion. Throughout my life, I’ve found that people’s ideas of me as a Black women are largely shaped by stereotypes, and the very thought of having to expand their perspective of my identity was considered to be ‘too much work.’ In a lot of cases I find that boys on dating apps just want to focus on my ass and ability to twerk. Schools and organizations would prefer to just order soul food and play a slave movie on Black history month. Society seems like they’d rather just prefer to say #BlackLivesMatter than actually having to understand what’s going on in our Black lives.

I am interested in hearing your opinions, what do y’all think?

Find the “One” through Radical Self Acceptance

I’ve always heard that when you date you have to be yourself. That if someone loves you, they’ll truly love all of you. But what happens if you are too much, and all of you goes against what everyone’s ideal of love looks like? When I was growing up, I always heard that Black girls were least desired. When I got older I learned that I liked girls too, and my identity became a fetish in more than one way. As I explored my Blackness and my Sexuality, I felt as though I had so much love to give. In fact, there was so much love inside of me that I just didn’t think that love had to be contained for one person. I’ve tried to explore polyamory in my other relationships, I wasn’t jealous but they were, and then it ended. Let’s not even get on the topic of explaining to cis-men why I identify as trans. I was always expected to accept whatever religion they were, Christian, Muslim, Jewish. But my spirituality, my identity as someone who practices witchcraft was perceived as demonic.

“How am I supposed to love myself when all the world tells me that I am not desired, or worse, that I shouldn’t exist.”

I’ve spent my entire life being less of myself. Hiding in closets, yes I’m out to myself, but every time I’d date someone it felt like I’d have to come out again (no wonder I hate first dates). All my life I’ve felt as though my existence meant accepting others, but never truly feeling accepted myself. This is beyond love, this is my life. Neither of my parents know I identify as trans, and my sexuality is tolerated and at best accepted with side eyes. It’s no wonder I could never find love; people have never really had the chance to find me. I started to feel like I was cursed, every relationship would end the same. I never felt like I could be me, and even when I tried to be what I thought they wanted I still wasn’t enough. My last relationship and rebound taught me a lot about love, in fact, I think they’ve changed my life in ways they’ll never really realize. To protect their identities I’ll be using fake names for both of them.

I met John in Social Work school, we had a class together. I had such a crush on him, but I was always so scared to talk to him (or any crush for that matter). A year later I rounded up the courage to add him on Facebook, shortly after he followed me on Instagram. He messaged me first, we talked, flirted, he asked me out. I think originally I was starting to be me, but then I was under the impression that I was supposed to change to make him feel comfortable. Eventually, change became too much, there was no appeasing him, no compromise. After that relationship, I was left with a shell of myself, and that’s how I met Henry. He was awesome, the exact idea of what a stereotypical man is. I wasn’t really ready to date, after John I was recovering from feeling so abused. But, I figured why not? Everyone else thought he was great. I believe there were red flags with Henry, he in ways showed early signs of being possessive. I ignored it though. He never really had time to dedicate to me, but I ignored it because I was just happy to have someone there. Then he ghosted me.

At this point I was convinced I was cursed, every single guy I dated just left me. I consulted my friends, and even a psychic because I just felt so fixated on Henry leaving. I wanted to know what went wrong, what I could have done. I was so obsessed with believing I was the problem that I was completely blinded to the fact that anyone that just disappears isn’t someone we should aspire to be with anyway. Over time I started getting closer to a solution for my anguish. I started to accept that neither guy was as perfect as I wanted to believe they were. I started to accept that it wasn’t my job t make someone love me or to make them stay. I started to accept that it’s not my job to do all the emotional labor. Now I am accepting the fact that none of the individuals I was with were ever able to truly love me.

In order for us to be loved we must love ourselves; but how? I cast a spell on my mirror, lining it with positive affirmations, and intended it to show me how beautiful I am. I went vegan to lose weight, and I dropped 16lbs. I also decided after Henry that my body wasn’t ready to let someone in again, and committed to celibacy until my next serious relationship. All things I figured would scare the heck out of any guy I dated, but it didn’t. In fact, it just weeded out all the people who weren’t looking for the same thing as me. I started to connect with people who respected me more, I started seeing people for who they really were. I stopped looking for love in every connection, and I’ve become content with saying “no” to people who aren’t really a match for me.

When we try so hard to be something we aren’t, we hold onto everything we don’t actually need. I was always scared that if I existed in my truth that I would be impossible to love, which is why I stayed with John for so long. He was the human manifestation of all my self-doubt. So when he told me I was “stupid” or “good look finding someone that’ll deal with you” I considered it truth, not abuse. But the moment I accepted me, in all my weirdness, I’ve been able to truly see how magnificent I am. The point of this is, we are all deserving and worthy of love. We become entitled to respect the minute we are born. We should be able to exist in our truth, from day one. But, I think for some of us we are constantly told that we belong in the closet. So much so that even when we are in places where it’s safe to just be, we become the voice that tells us that we are worth hiding.

I haven’t found external love yet, but what I have found is something I’ll never allow someone to take from me again. Radical self-acceptance is a game changer, and once we are able to achieve it’ll shift the very paradigm that we are used to existing in. We all want someone to love us, so let’s do ourselves a favor and let that right person love all of us.